How To Sell My Home Fast By Owner

Quick Tips To Learn How To Sell Your House Fast By Owner

Selling a property these days doesn’t have to be that difficult. You don’t need to hire an agent, it can be done all on your own, provided you do a little research and preparation first. If you want to sell your property yourself quickly – keep reading for some helpful tips.

Probably the easiest way to sell your house yourself by owner fast is to contact a real estate investor. Usually these investors will buy your house in it’s present condition without you needing to make repairs. However this isn’t always the best option for everyone. You may have time to wait on a buyer, or may just want to hold out for a better offer. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that you can do to help sell your property quicker yourself without hiring an agent.

Tips To Get A Buyer For Your House Quickly

You need to take a little time and get your house ready to sell before you put the “for sale by owner” sign in the front yard. The last thing you want to do is have that one buyer who would have bought your house turn away because you or your property weren’t ready.

Stacey Bradford gives some good info for anyone wanting to sell their property themselves:

1. Price it right
With homes sales slowing and prices plunging, there’s little doubt that selling for a good price in today’s market is going to be tricky. The median existing home price dropped more than 7% last month compared with the same month last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. So if you try to ask as much for your property as your neighbor got six months or a year ago, you’re going to turn off potential buyers. Instead, price your home conservatively by looking at similar houses currently on the market, says Michael Corbett, author of “Ready, Set, Sold!” Also look at the homes that aren’t selling. Chances are those owners priced their dwellings too high, he says.

“If you really want to stimulate a sale, you should under price your property by just a hair,” says Susan Singer, a New York-based real estate broker with Corcoran. Just shaving a few thousand dollars off can generate more foot traffic and create a buzz.

2. Make it inviting
There’s no faster way to turn off a potential buyer than to show them a home stuffed with kids’ toys, family knickknacks and a stinky kitty litter. Even stodgy furniture can make a property more difficult to unload. That’s why many high-end real estate agents employ professional “home stagers” when they want to guarantee a quick sale. For anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, these folks will do everything from remove clutter and rearrange furniture to rent all new furnishings. Corcoran’s Singer says her staged properties tend to sell faster and for more money than ones that aren’t prepped in this fashion.

Fortunately, there are some inexpensive things homeowners can do on their own to attract a buyer. Whether you live in a cozy Cape Cod or a 4,000-square-foot McMansion, make your space feel as open and clean as possible. Get rid of clutter, organize the closets and remove all personal items that may make it more difficult for someone to imagine living in your house, says Corbett. See our story for more ways to make your home inviting or watch our video for advice on how to do it on your own.

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A few good points made in that article. While the market may not be as bad as it was when that article was written, you still need to price the property right, maybe a little less than that of one that is comparable to yours in your neighborhood.

Susan also makes a good point about making sure your house is inviting and that things are put away. Another great idea for making sure your house is neat & tidy comes from Trulia:

1. Get a storage unit

You might think the easiest way to declutter your home is to shove everything into the closets. Bad idea: Anyone who tours your home is going to check out the storage spaces, and disorganized, overstuffed closets only serve as evidence that your home is lacking. Opt instead for a storage unit to house the things you won’t need while your home is on the market. The general rule? Get rid of a third of your stuff. “If you don’t use it every day, store it,” says Justin Seeby, principal at the Graham Seeby Group with Keller Williams Intown Realty in Atlanta, GA. Holiday decorations, baby gear, seasonal clothes, that bread maker you’ve never used — they can all go into storage. Bonus: If you choose a portable unit, it can be transported to your new home, making moving day a cinch.

2. Hire a professional to stage and photograph your home

A professional home stager sees your home from a buyer’s perspective — a good one understands how to highlight its strengths and soften its flaws. Your buyer’s first impression will be the listing photos, and studies show that homes with more than six listing photos online are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers. But not everyone wants their home staged (or has the money for it). Forss poses another option: “A friend can stand at the curb and walk through the house with fresh eyes to offer their perspective on decluttering, and then the agent can go through from a marketing standpoint. Either way, staging of some sort is necessary on almost every home, no matter how beautiful it is.”

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Using a portable storage unit is great advice to help make moving day a whole lot easier! We also like point #2 of hiring a photographer. You may be able to stage your house yourself, if you are good at decorating and keeping up with the latest trends, but taking really good photos is another thing. Some people are good at taking photos, but just using the camera on your smart phone isn’t going to cut it here. You have heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and when posting photos of your property online or any other advertising platform, you want to show your house in the best light possible.

Summing It Up

You can sell your house yourself by owner, provided you follow the above steps. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process, as long as you get your house ready before you put it on the market. Price it right, tidy up the home and either put things away or store them and make sure you have professional photos taken to make your house look the best it possibly can to potential buyers.

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