Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cash Sales

Someone Wants To Pay Cash For Your House?

In today’s world almost everything we do is designed around speed and ease. Selling a house can now be added into the mix as well. Mandich Property Group is ready to help make this possible for you. Our goal is to make the selling of your home as easy as possible. If you are ready to get a great cash offer for your house call Mandich Property Group at 770-756-8680 or visit our site to complete a brief form and we will contact you soon.

Pros Of Cash Sales

If you are weighing the pros and cons of this method of selling a house here is an article that gives a couple of the pros;

As Is

Before selling on the traditional market, most homeowners will need to do some work to their home. Whether it’s updating rooms that might feel dated to buyers (typically bathrooms and/or kitchens) or repairing damaged items (leaks, electrical or plumbing issues, foundation cracks etc.), a realtor will want the home in tip-top shape to maximize your asking price.

Unfortunately, you often won’t see much return on that investment; you may spend thousands of dollars to update a room, only to see your home sell for under market value. Cash homebuyers, however, aren’t worried about those things. They gladly buy your home as is, saving you money on potentially costly repairs.

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Cons Of Cash Sales

If you drive anywhere you will see signs “We Buy Houses” or check your mail and you will see there are so many companies out there now trying to buy houses for cash now. This is a legitimate way to sell a house, you just need to find the right person to buy it. Look into the person or company before you decide to sign to make sure they are a reputable company.

Selling for cash has become a popular route to selling a house. Here is another snippet of an article I found written by PJ Mitchell with some of the cons;

The Money May Not Be Real – If you’re dealing with a known, reputable company, then this isn’t a concern. But if you’re selling to the guy who sent you a postcard in the mail, make sure they have the cash that they are offering. Ask to see a bank statement or a “proof of funds” letter from their bank. In these cases, you may also want to negotiate a lease-back so you don’t have to rush to organize a move. (You may want to read How to Know If That Cash Buyer Is A Scam.)

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You definitely want to make sure who you are dealing with is legit! If you don’t – it really might be a “Con”. Like with what PJ says about postcards, go ahead and look their company up on the web. If you can’t find anything on them or negative reviews you might want to choose someone else.

Buying and selling houses for cash might have become popular from being on TV and all of the house flipping shows, however it has caught on and more and more people are doing it. Part of the reason is because selling a house is now almost effortless when sold for cash. This way of buying and selling houses is being done all over the world, not just in the United States. This article written by Tamir Davies from the UK shows that also and exactly what a true cash buyer is;

In this day and age, paying for a house with cash is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are a number of reasons as to why cash transactions can be favorable, but it is entirely dependent on your specific needs. Like with anything, when buying or selling a house to a cash buyer, there are pros and cons.

What is a cash buyer?

The meaning of a cash buyer is often misunderstood, with some thinking that they are a cash buyer if they can afford to buy a house without a mortgage once they have sold their current house. This is incorrect; if a buyer doesn’t have the cash readily available at the current time of putting in an offer, they are not cash buyers.
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In Conclusion

Selling your house for cash is a great alternative to selling a property the old fashioned way with an agent and the end buyer having to get a mortgage. The process is much quicker because there is no loan department dragging their feet getting paper work and appraisals completed.

If you are ready to sell, we can start the process today and have cash in your hands in just few days. The process of selling your house doesn’t have to be long, drawn out or scary! We have made selling your house for cash process streamlined and fast. There is no longer a need for the sale of your home to drone on and on for months and be a waiting game, nobody has time for that.

Remember when selling your home on your own, or by owner – first impressions are everything. Check out this article that explains more!


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