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This Will Make You Fall In Love With The Historic City Of Marietta

Marietta Is A Fantastic Place To Live And Work!

Marietta is a fantastic city! Okay, we might be a little biased because it happens to be the headquarters for our company. But still, it is a beautiful place to live and work along with some amazing people.

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The City of Marietta, Georgia, is a full-service municipality that is located in central Cobb County, about 15 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Marietta has a distinguished and unique history and modern life style all rolled into one. With the city being only 23 square miles housing about 56,600 residents, it is one of Georgia’s most populous cities.

The most known landmark is The Big Chicken, it is a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant. The Big Chicken was built in 1956 and is at the intersection of two main thoroughfares in Marietta being Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road. It is said that when you are not from the area and need directions to anywhere, everyone will say “From the Big Chicken you will go….”. This location also has a small museum about the history of KFC.

Marietta’s History

According to the City of Marietta’s website, the city was one of the first in the area to have early settlers prior to 1824. The Marietta Square, now known as Glover Park, was typical of an older towns design, including the courthouse being a center point of the square. In 1834 the Georgia General Assembly recognized Marietta as a community. The first bank in the town was opened in 1855. The city has seen its share of devastation also, in the 1850’s the town suffered mass damage by fire on three different instances. And in 1915 the National Guard was called in when the Governor gave an eleventh-hour commutation from death to life in prison to a suspected murderer of 13year old Mary Phagan. Leo Frank ended up being lynched on Roswell Road on August 17,1915.

Here is more from Wikipedia about Marietta:

Built-in 1838, the Oakton House is the oldest continuously occupied residence in Marietta. The original barn, milk house, smokehouse, and well house remain on the property. The spectacular gardens contain the boxwood parterre from the 1870s. Oakton served as Major General Loring’s headquarters during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864.

Marietta was initially selected as the hub for the new Western and Atlantic Railroad, and business boomed. By 1838, roadbed and trestles had been built north of the city. However, in 1840, political wrangling stopped construction for a time. In 1842, the railroad’s new management decided to move the hub from Marietta to an area that would become Atlanta. Nonetheless, in 1850, when the railroad began operation, Marietta shared in the resulting prosperity.

Businessman and politician John Glover arrived in 1848. A popular figure, Glover was elected mayor when the city incorporated in 1852. Another early resident was Carey Cox, a physician, who promoted a “water cure”, which developed into a spa that attracted patients to the area. The Cobb County Medical Society recognizes him as the county’s first physician.

Read more about Marietta’s history here

Marietta Today

The National Civic League judged Marietta one of the 10 best communities in the nation as a 2006 All-America City, the oldest and most-respected community recognition award in the country. CNNMoney.com named Marietta one of the top 25 places in the United States to retire in 2011.

You can also learn much more about Marietta by visiting their website at https://www.mariettaga.gov/738/About-Marietta.

The city of Marietta Georgia is a very exciting and unique place to live and work! Marietta has so much going on you will never be bored and you will still have the “Small home town” feel. There is a park in the center of town called Glover Park also known as Marietta Square and it has hosted thousands of weddings and proms photographs. It also has a playground for the kids and concerts on weekends and almost every holiday. There are many restaurants and small shops on the Square. There is everything from beautiful old buildings, entertainment and new places to eat all within walking distance.

  • Brewery Tours & Tasting @ Red Hare Brewing
  • Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series
  • Marietta Street Fest
  • Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater
  • Marietta Fire Museum
  • Marietta Museum of History
  • Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour
  • Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art
  • The William Root House Museum & Garden
  • Old Zion Baptist Church Heritage Museum

Marietta also offers plenty of interesting things to see and do that are all within minutes from the square such as;

  • Ghosts of Marietta
  • Historic Walking & Driving Tour
  • Marietta’s Black Heritage Walking Tour
  • Marietta Food Tours
  • Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum
  • Aviation Wing of Marietta
  • Marietta Confederate Cemetery
  • Marietta National Cemetery
  • Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Marietta has a very diverse work force, there are many large companies that keep the ever growing area employed;

  • Cobb County School District
  • Tip Top Poultry
  • C. W. Matthews Contracting Co
  • WellStar Kennestone Hospital
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Grounds for Atlanta United
  • Franklin Gateway Sports Complex
  • Six Flags White Water Park

Check out this video that tells even more about this great city!

As you can see, Marietta has a lot to offer!

Moving to or from Marietta?

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Noteworthy Facts About Smyrna You May Not Know

The city of Smyrna is now one of the most beautiful and active down towns in the Metro Atlanta area. Smyrna is located in Cobb County, only about 10 miles northwest of Atlanta and has great access to I-75 and I-285. Smyrna is known as the “Jonquil City” due to the thousands of jonquils in gardens and along the streets that flourish in early spring. There are multiple forms of public transportation. And Smyrna is very convenient to Hartsfield Jackson Airport. There are two major railways and four airports within 18 miles of the city.

The History Of Smyrna

Pioneers settled in the area in or around 1832, by the 1830’s the “Smyrna Camp Grounds” that were religious encampments and were very popular and known throughout Georgia. Smyrna was named by the Greeks after the biblical city Smyrna .

Two Civil War battles were in the area, the Battle of Smyrna Camp and the Battle of Ruff’s Station both on July 4,1864. Many business’ and homes were burnt by Sherman’s troops. One Structure that has been rebuilt several times and is still in use is the “Covered Bridge“. There was also a Bell Bomber plant that made the B-29 bombers during WWII that was later reopened as Lockheed in 1951.

When the Western and Atlantic Railroad was complete in 1872 the city was incorporated in 1872. Now Smyrna covers about 15sq miles and has about 50,000 residents. Smyrna was the Winner of the prestigious Urban Institute’s Award of Excellence.

Current City Details

Smyrna is known to be diverse in not only style but in community spirit. Some nearby locations draw all lifestyles. Galleria employment center and Cumberland Mall continue to be an inviting area to the community.

The charm and all of the new housing and shopping gives this city a very appealing atmosphere. The city has two areas of attraction –  one is the Village Green and the other is Market Village.

Village Green is the focal point were the citizens can come together. It includes the community center, library, and arboretum and it is adjacent to private housing and many retail and office areas.

Market Village is the live, work and play area of town. It is the heart of the downtown area that you are able to experience the social aspects of town. There are restaurants, shopping and many other things to enjoy with friends and or family.

Smyrna is an older city, however it has been revitalized and the entire area redeveloped. It now has a 20th Century Veterans Memorial with its new style playground. It has the modern lifestyle comforts and maintained the small town feel.

There is no lack of entertainment and vibrancy in Smyrna. The city has family events, summer concerts, hiking or jogging trails, parks, public golf courses, tennis courts, pools and much more.

More attractions in the area:

Smyrna is inside the Piedmont region of Georgia so you will find hills, slopes, narrow valleys and many beautiful flowers and trees.


There is no shortage of employment in the area, with Glock being a very large company and have many employees. IBM along with United Distributors, S.P.Richards, Ridgeview Institute, UCB Adventure Outdoors, Office Max, Floor and Decor Outlets and many many more companies in the area will ensure opportunities.

Famous People

There are a few names you may recognize from Smyrna;

  • Julia Roberts – Actress
  • Bob Barr – U.S. Representative
  • Gerald Perry – MLB player
  • Ron Gant – MLB player
  • Tay Glover -Wright NFL
  • C. Martin Croker – a voice over actor and animator
  • Kelly Nelon Clark – recording artist and actress
  • Benn Jordan – recording artist and composer
  • Pat Terry – recording artist and composer

There was also a scene in the movie “Joyful Noise” that was filmed in Howard’s restaurant in Smyrna in 2011.

Check out this video that tells more about the great city of Smyrna:

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Why Woodstock GA Is Like No Other

Woodstock is a lovely and charming community just north of Atlanta via I75. You owe it to yourself if you live near by to check out this prosperous and inviting city.

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Woodstock is one of Cherokee counties oldest towns, the railway system brought the town to life in 1879. The city had a population of about 300 people. There was a gristmill, yarn spinning and wood carving activities in the area. The water ways in the area were also an inviting draw to the area, Little River, Noonday Creek and many smaller creeks and streams. At one time gold mining was something people were doing in the Kellogg Creek area, the old Kellogg Gold Mine where mica and kaolin were found. Woodstock was recognized by the Georgia General Assembly as a town in 1897 and the name Woodstock came from a 1826 Walter Scott novel.

Woodstock was a large producer of cotton back in the 1890s, they transported a couple thousand bales annually. The cotton farming introduced new farming methods to the area. In 1912 the Woodstock Depot was built by Louisville and Nashville Railroad helping the town grow. The passenger service side of the rail ended in 1949. The city now has a trolley to give tours.

Modern Life

Now with I-575and Highway 92 being the main roads in Woodstock it brings unlimited and innovative avenues for those that wish to live in Woodstock. Developers in the area were influential bringing possibilities for growth in the area making Woodstock one of the fastest growing cities in Cherokee County. Woodstock is a great area for family activities and night life. There are many parks in the area along with restaurants and stores in downtown Woodstock.

There is also the Amphitheater, it is a fun way to spend time with the family and promotes community and allows people to get to know their neighbors. There are so many parks and trails along with fishing and golf and so many more outdoor adventures you could experience in this great town.

Woodstock unveiled the new Memorial in 2009, it has 10 tons of polished granite and is dedicated to the Woodstock veterans. The sign that thanks the men and women of Woodstock, Georgia who served in the armed forces helping to protect our way of life. A beautiful tribute to those that have served this great country.

Woodstock is one of Cherokee Counties biggest municipalities with only 11 square miles and just over 23,000 residents. Woodstock now has its own fire and police departments as of January 2018. There are two fire stations and the police department with 54 sworn officers.

Famous people connected to Woodstock

  • Buff Bagwell – a professional wrestler WCW World Tag Team champion
  • Lew Carpenter – a Baseball player (1943-1945)
  • Nick Markakis – Baseball player
  • Bruce Miller – NFL player
  • Buster Skine – NFL player
  • Dusan Langura – Basketball player
  • Mary Hood – author
  • Chris Kirk – PGA golfer
  • Rich The Kid – rap artist
  • Mark Wills – country music

Here is a video that explains more about this great city –

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Historic Kennesaw At A Glance

Kennesaw Georgia is a beautiful town just North of Atlanta via I75. If you live close you owe it to yourself to plan a visit to this charming Southern town. The name Kennesaw is from Cherokee derivative meaning burial ground.

The City of Kennesaw is in Cobb County and is most known for two things. First Kennesaw is largely known for the Civil War, and secondly because of the gun possession ordinance inside the city limits.


Kennesaw’s Rich History

Kennesaw was originally a settlement called Big Shanty in 1830 till 1887, then was re-named Kennesaw in 1887. Due to the railway being a big part of the area it set the stage for The Great Locomotive Chase on April 12,1862.

The Civil War had many major battles, one of which was the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Kennesaw Mountain is now a National Battlefield Park with a museum. You can learn more about things to do and activities at Kennesaw Mountain here.

There is also the General Locomotive museum (in the center of Kennesaw where the actual train is stored on display), named after the great chase where Union Army volunteer commandeered The General (name of the locomotive) and took the locomotive north toward Chattanooga causing as much chaos and damage as possible to the rail way line. The chase went for about 87 miles, first on foot then the Confederate soldiers pursued in The Texan (name of locomotive). Learn more or plan a visit to check the real General locomotive at the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History.

It’s The Law For Homeowners In Kennesaw To Own A Firearm

What Kennesaw is known for secondly is the gun ordinance. In 1982 Kennesaw City Council passed a city ordinance stating every head of household to own a firearm and the ammunition for it. There is a old new paper article talking about how it might effect crime in the area written by Jonathan Hamilton and David Burch;

KENNESAW, Ga – Several Kennesaw officials attribute a drop in crime in the city over the past two decades to a law that requires residents to have a gun in the house.
In 1982, the Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition.
The ordinance states the gun law is needed to “protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants.”
Then-councilman J.O. Stephenson said after the ordinance was passed, everyone “went crazy.”
“People all over the country said there would be shootings in the street and violence in homes,” he said. “Of course, that wasn’t the case.”
In fact, according to Stephenson, it caused the crime rate in the city to plunge.

Read the Full Article Here

The topic of the gun ordinance has been a nation wide story at times.

Watch this video that tells more about how great the community of Kennesaw is!

Kennesaw has many shopping malls and museums, many outdoor activities all year round. Kennesaw State University is just minutes away. There is also a public airport –  Cobb County Airport also known as Mccollum Airfield.

Vulcan Material is one of the largest business’ in Kennesaw and has been there close to seventy years. The mining facility also has a museum that schools can come an tour.

Even with Kennesaw being a small town with currently a population just over 32,000 at 9.5 square miles, it is packed full of history and unique things to do. The city has events in downtown at the depot almost every weekend and holiday during the year. To see a list of future events have a look at their website and click on the “Things To Do” tab.

Kennesaw is still a small country town where people are friendly and still knows and waves at their neighbors, with all the ease of living in the big city because nothing is to far away.

In short – We Love Kennesaw! If you have a house that you would like to sell in Kennesaw or any of the surrounding areas – reach out to us at (770) 756-8680 or visit our website to complete a brief form and we will get back with you soon.

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Get To Know Cumming GA A Little Better

Cumming is a City inside of Forsyth County and is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area, and it’s latitude longitude coordinates are 34.20357° N, -84.13994° E. It is approximately 39 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta. Cumming is also the county seat of Forsyth County. The city was named in tribute to Col. William Cumming who participated in the War of 1812.

Cumming History

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The area was originally settled by the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee lived alongside white settlers until gold was discovered in North Georgia in 1828. In 1865 the Treaty Of New Echota was signed that forced the Cherokee to move to the Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River. This migration of the Indians is known as the infamous Trail of Tears.

The territory was then formed in Cherokee County in 1831, and the split into several counties including Forsyth County in 1832. In 1833 the city of Cumming was formed from 2 separate 40 acre land lots.

During the 1830’s and 1840’s Cumming prospered from the gold mining industry. Many local business were formed to meet the needs of the miners. It was short lived though because of the California Gold Rush in 1849 that put the city into an economic depression.

In the early 1900’s Cumming was plagued with racial conflict, and in 1912 Governor Brown sent state militia to Cumming to prevent riots.

Now it’s a totally new city that is experiencing great growth, thanks to Georgia 400 that has helped make it easier to commute to Atlanta.

In 2014 the population was 5,615, with a population estimate as of July 1 2016 at 6,225.

Cumming Attractions

One of Forsyth’s and Cumming’s biggest attractions is Lake Lanier. If you are looking for some excellent campgrounds, Sawnee , Shady Grove and Baldridge Creek are fantastic for fishing, boating and swimming.

Lanierland Music Park hosts concert events in the summer up to late fall that showcases popular country music singers.

If golfing is your thing, the area has some excellent golf courses, including championship golf course Hampton Golf Village.

If you are into theater, then the Cumming Playhouse is for you! They provide quality entertainment throughout the year offering plays, musicals, concerts, with fine dining provided by Tam’s Backstage Food and Spirits.

If you just want to enjoy nature, Cumming has that for you as well. It’s the home of Mary Alice Park, Caney creek Preserve, Haw Creek and Coal Mountain to name a few.

Cumming also has their own annual Fourth of July parade which is recognized for displaying the largest number of steam engine tractors in the world.

As you can see, Cumming GA has a lot to offer. And as a final note, if you have a house that you need to sell fast in Cumming, reach out to us by visiting our website, or call us at 770-756-8680.

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Facts About Cherokee County Georgia

There are a lot of interesting facts to know about Cherokee County Georgia. If you have never visited, or are just curious about the county, keep reading to learn more.

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Cherokee County GA is roughly 40 miles north of Atlanta. It is the home of Reinhardt University. The county was originally much larger as was divided up into 24 separate, smaller counties. It now covers about 424 square miles of land and 13 square miles of water, with the water being mostly Lake Allatoona.

It now has a population of around 240,000. According to the Census of 2000 the population was only around 141,000. The counties explosive growth is thanks to it’s proximity to Atlanta and being easily accessible via I75.

If you think the name “Cherokee” might have something to do with the Cherokee Nation of Indians, you are absolutely right. The county was actually named after the Cherokee Indians living there in the 1830’s, before they were forcefully removed, and was part of the infamous Trail Of Tears. Removing the Cherokee Indians allowed the county to be used for agricultural uses including the cultivation of corn and cotton as well as the mining of both gold and marble.

The gold rush started around 1828. Sixes Mine, on the site of present-day Sixes Mill, was one of the first in the area. The gold from this mine was noted as some of the purest in the state.

The county’s fourth court house which was built in 1929 was built with white marble from Georgia and today houses the counties administration offices.

The county seat is named Canton, which has an interesting story all it’s own. The name was taken from the city in China because residents tried to establish a silk trade in the late 1800’s. Prior to that, it had been called Etowah, for the Etowah River that cuts through the town.

The Canton Cotton Mills, founded by R. T. Jones in 1899, was the county’s main industry until the mills closed in 1981. The Canton Cotton Mills was the main source of industry for the county from 1899-1981, and the Mills are still standing to this day.

There are actually 9 mountains located in Cherokee County. They include Bear Mountain which is part of the Appalachian Mountains (and is even taller than Stone Mountain), Pine Log Mountain, Oakey Mountain, Dry Pond Mountain, Hickory Log Mountain, Polecat Mountain, Byrd Mountain, Garland Mountain and Posey Mountain.

With roughly 80,000 homes in Cherokee County, if you have one that you need to sell, and sell fast, please reach out to us. We would love the opportunity to make you an all cash offer on your house today. You can visit our website, or call us at 770-756-8680.

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