How To Sell My House By Owner Fast

Trying to sell your house by owner, and trying to do it fast? Just selling your house yourself without an agent can be a task all in itself, but if you need to sell your house fast as well, then you are going to need some good guidance and all the tips you can get.

Tips On How To Sell Your House By Owner Fast

There is a lot to do when selling your house, and even more when selling a property yourself, or For Sale By Owner –  FSBO (pronounced FIZZ-BO). Now not only do you have to pack and get ready to move to your new house, but you also have to take on the roll of being your own real estate agent.

Get Your House Ready

So where do you start? The first thing you need to do is get the house itself ready to sell:

Gone are the days of selling homes with unmade beds, dishes in the sink and toys scattered throughout. Today’s homes must be spotless and resemble a model home. Make it look like nobody lives there.

  • Before you begin to prepare your house for sale, examine the home from a stranger’s viewpoint. Ask a friend to help, who might be more removed from your attachment. Ask her to walk through your home and note deficiencies.
  • Consider spending money on improvements, fixing things that don’t work and making repairs before selling to improve your profit. Don’t spend too much money! The single biggest downfall for sellers is spending too much money on repairs that will never be recouped.

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Getting your friends opinions about how your house looks is a great idea, just be prepared for any possible negative comments. It’s what they see and probably what a potential buyer will see as well.

When it comes to making repairs you have to fix all of the little things like faucets that drip, doors and windows that don’t operate correctly, broken cabinet handles and every other little thing. If you don’t do it now chances are it will come up when the buyer has a home inspection done anyway. Also if a buyer sees a lot of little things wrong with your house they are probably going to wonder how many more things are wrong that they can’t see.

Set The Price

Now that you have your house all nice, neat and repaired it’s time to set the asking price for your home. This is more important than you might think. Set the price to high and you won’t have anyone interested in even looking at your house. Then when you lower your price buyers tend to wonder what’s wrong with your house. Here’s some great advice from Zillow on getting the price right:

So how do you set the best price for your home? First, understand it doesn’t matter what you “need” to get. You can use the proceeds calculator on your Zillow Owner Dashboard to find out how much you’ll actually pocket for a given sales price. That’s good information, but it’s not how you set your price. Forget what you owe or how much you want to walk away with. Not surprisingly, buyers don’t care. Instead, you’ll need to take a cold, hard look at your home and the housing market in your area. Your strategy depends on whether it’s a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market. But the first thing you need to determine is your home’s estimated market value.

Start with your Zestimate®. That will get you in the ballpark and, just as importantly, it’s a number buyers will look at. But don’t stop there. Look at comparable home sales in your neighborhood. The Zillow Owner Dashboard allows you to both pick comparable recent sales (called comps) as well as update or correct any information on your home so that your Zestimate is more accurate.

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Personally we don’t go by Zillow’s Zestimate at all. We do however look at what similar properties in the area have recently sold for, within the last 6 months. These properties are called comparables. We also look at comparables on other sites as well like Trulia and Redfin to make sure we are looking at as many comparables as possible. If you are having trouble setting your price you may want to reach out to an agent and ask for their help.

List Your Property

Now you have your house looking like a shiny new penny and have your price set. Now it’s time to start marketing! You need to list your property on the web in as many places as possible. Most buyers now start their search on the internet for their new home, many times right from their smart phone.

Here are some great ideas from Consumer Reports for listings:

Realflyer, for example, lets you create professional-looking brochures starting at 32 cents each. will list your home (including photos) free for 30 days. For $295, it will list your home for six months on its site as well as on, Trulia, and Zillow. For an additional $100 it will add your listing to the Multiple Listing Service for six months, where you’ll get the most exposure, but you have to commit to paying a buyer’s agent’s commission if one represents your buyer (generally 2 to 3 percent of your sale price).

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Using is a great deal to list your home for you on multiple platforms. It is important to remember that no matter if you list on the MLS or not your buyer may have an agent in which case you will have to pay 3% in buyer agent commissions. Check out or previous article “How To Sell Your House Fast Without A Realtor” for more tips on places to list on the web including social media.

Lastly here is a video with a great tip when selling your house by owner:

As a final reminder, if all of this is too much for you and you don’t want to be bothered with all of it you can contact us, Mandich Property Group. We buy houses in Holly Springs and all throughout Metro Atlanta in any condition. You don’t have to do a single thing to your property, including even cleaning it! You can learn more on our website, or call us at 770-756-8680 for a free, no obligation offer on your property.

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