Noteworthy Facts About Smyrna You May Not Know

The city of Smyrna is now one of the most beautiful and active down towns in the Metro Atlanta area. Smyrna is located in Cobb County, only about 10 miles northwest of Atlanta and has great access to I-75 and I-285. Smyrna is known as the “Jonquil City” due to the thousands of jonquils in gardens and along the streets that flourish in early spring. There are multiple forms of public transportation. And Smyrna is very convenient to Hartsfield Jackson Airport. There are two major railways and four airports within 18 miles of the city.

The History Of Smyrna

Pioneers settled in the area in or around 1832, by the 1830’s the “Smyrna Camp Grounds” that were religious encampments and were very popular and known throughout Georgia. Smyrna was named by the Greeks after the biblical city Smyrna .

Two Civil War battles were in the area, the Battle of Smyrna Camp and the Battle of Ruff’s Station both on July 4,1864. Many business’ and homes were burnt by Sherman’s troops. One Structure that has been rebuilt several times and is still in use is the “Covered Bridge“. There was also a Bell Bomber plant that made the B-29 bombers during WWII that was later reopened as Lockheed in 1951.

When the Western and Atlantic Railroad was complete in 1872 the city was incorporated in 1872. Now Smyrna covers about 15sq miles and has about 50,000 residents. Smyrna was the Winner of the prestigious Urban Institute’s Award of Excellence.

Current City Details

Smyrna is known to be diverse in not only style but in community spirit. Some nearby locations draw all lifestyles. Galleria employment center and Cumberland Mall continue to be an inviting area to the community.

The charm and all of the new housing and shopping gives this city a very appealing atmosphere. The city has two areas of attraction –  one is the Village Green and the other is Market Village.

Village Green is the focal point were the citizens can come together. It includes the community center, library, and arboretum and it is adjacent to private housing and many retail and office areas.

Market Village is the live, work and play area of town. It is the heart of the downtown area that you are able to experience the social aspects of town. There are restaurants, shopping and many other things to enjoy with friends and or family.

Smyrna is an older city, however it has been revitalized and the entire area redeveloped. It now has a 20th Century Veterans Memorial with its new style playground. It has the modern lifestyle comforts and maintained the small town feel.

There is no lack of entertainment and vibrancy in Smyrna. The city has family events, summer concerts, hiking or jogging trails, parks, public golf courses, tennis courts, pools and much more.

More attractions in the area:

Smyrna is inside the Piedmont region of Georgia so you will find hills, slopes, narrow valleys and many beautiful flowers and trees.


There is no shortage of employment in the area, with Glock being a very large company and have many employees. IBM along with United Distributors, S.P.Richards, Ridgeview Institute, UCB Adventure Outdoors, Office Max, Floor and Decor Outlets and many many more companies in the area will ensure opportunities.

Famous People

There are a few names you may recognize from Smyrna;

  • Julia Roberts – Actress
  • Bob Barr – U.S. Representative
  • Gerald Perry – MLB player
  • Ron Gant – MLB player
  • Tay Glover -Wright NFL
  • C. Martin Croker – a voice over actor and animator
  • Kelly Nelon Clark – recording artist and actress
  • Benn Jordan – recording artist and composer
  • Pat Terry – recording artist and composer

There was also a scene in the movie “Joyful Noise” that was filmed in Howard’s restaurant in Smyrna in 2011.

Check out this video that tells more about the great city of Smyrna:

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