Improving Curb Appeal To Help Sell Your House

One of the most important things you can do to help sell your home quickly is to improve it’s curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression. When a potential buyer arrives at your residence they will quickly judge your house on it’s initial appearance, usually within the first minute. If the yard needs mowing, shrubs are over grown and paint is peeling on the siding or front door – well they may think your house is just as rough on the inside and be turned off right away. If you want to sell your house as quickly as possible, then check out these easy and inexpensive tips to improve your properties curb appeal to get a buyer quickly.

Dazzle And Entice Buyers With An Inviting Front Yard

In a previous post “Cleaning Your House Before Selling It ” we touched on the importance of just how important it is to clean and tidy up your house before marketing it. The same holds true for your front and backyard and all of the natural areas. If the yard is unkempt and windows are dirty along with dirt on the foundation from rain, well that’s not going to give the best first impression or be all that inviting.

Besides the yard, one of the first things people notice is the entry way and the front door. Making this area “pop” is a great idea which HGTV has some good advice on:

Glam the Front Door

Adding pizzazz to your home’s front entrance is an easy, low-cost way to up your home’s curb appeal. Try painting your door a pretty hue that coordinates with your home’s color. “Make sure there is a contrast between the front door and the facade of the home,” says Kristine Ginsberg, owner of Elite Staging and Redesign in Morris County, N.J. If your house is gray or white with black shutters, consider painting the front door red, she suggests. Other ways to beautify your home’s exterior are adding appealing house numbers to your entrance and hanging a pretty wreath on the door. For extra pop, place a potted plant or two by the front entrance.

Approximate cost: A gallon of paint for the front door will cost as little as $25. Metal house numbers can be purchased for less than $4 each, while a potted mini evergreen like boxwood or a dwarf Alberta Spruce could run you less than $20.

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You would be surprised at how much just painting the front door can change the look and feel of your property. The entire article from HGTV is full of very inexpensive ways to help boost your overall curb appeal. There is good info in there about cleaning the driveway, walkways as well as the house itself.

Make The Yard As Pretty And Beautiful As Possible

When it comes to the yard itself there is the obvious, mow the lawn and trim up the hedges. Put the kids toys away and clean up any debris. And don’t forget about the side of the house as well as the backyard.

Depending on what time of year it is you can also plant some inexpensive flowers that are blooming for that season. If you need some ideas about what to plant you can ask your local home improvement store or nursery. Houzz also has some good tips on figuring out what to plant:

Look at what’s nearby. An excellent way to find planting ideas for your yard is to look around your neighborhood and see what is already growing — or take a walk in a nearby natural area, if you’re looking to grow native plants. Friends and neighbors are growing in the same, or similar, conditions as you are, and they can tell you which plants, or combinations of plants, do well in their yards.

With resources like Houzz, you can also see which plants do well in your area by looking online. Filter landscape photos by region to see which plants grow in your area. If you can’t readily get a plant ID from the designer, tap an online forum or network, or bring photos of what you like to a nursery with knowledgeable staff. They may be able to help you identify those plantings.

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Just taking the time to drive around your neighborhood as well as nearby subdivisions can give you some excellent ideas. If you don’t know what something is you can always politely compliment the homeowner on there landscaping and ask questions.


Making the front of your house clean and dazzling will most definitely help you bring in a buyer fast for your property. With very little cash and some elbow grease anyone can get these things done. When you think you have it looking really nice, ask your friends or neighbors what they think. They may spot something that you totally overlooked.

Remember, if you don’t want to do anything to your house and sell it as is, contact us, Mandich Property Group. We buy houses fast in any condition, without you having to do a single thing to your property.

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