Selling Your Home And Your Pets

Almost everyone loves pets. According to Psychology Today 39% of Americans own a dog and 33% own a cat, so the chances of a potential buyer that visits your home owns a pet are pretty good. However, having a pet in your home that your are trying to sell can adversely affect how fast you are able to sell your property, as well as the price. Keep reading to find out why and what to do with your pets when trying to sell your house.

Pets And Trying To Sell Your House

We’ve covered in a previous article improving your curb appeal to help welcome, and be more inviting to potential buyers. However, if you have the outside pristine only to have them walk inside to smell a dirty litter box, you have a problem.

First, not all people are comfortable with pets. Ya, it’s hard to believe, but true. I mean what’s not to love? Most pets are very lovable and only require some food and water and are willing to give you all kinds of love in return. But some people are scared of dogs and cats, while others maybe allergic to them. The Balance has this to say about why some people don’t like pets:

Why Don’t Home Buyers Like Your Pet?

  • Nervousness. Pets make some people very uncomfortable. Not everybody grew up with a family pet or enjoys outings at the zoo. Fur and four legs does not a human make.
  • Fear. Real and irrational. It’s not only dogs that instill fear in people. All kinds of silly wives’ tales and superstitions involve cats.
  • Inexperience. Pets are not always predictable.
  • Your pets aren’t their pets. They imagine yours bite, jump, vomit, claw, spit-up hairballs or are just plain hyper and bad — which is not all like their pets. Their pets are perfect.

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The last point is pretty good, your pets aren’t their pets and everyone thinks their pets are perfect, kind of like children 🙂

Pets Can Adversely Affect Your Selling Price

If a buyer walks in and notices a dog or cat, more than likely they are going to start looking for pet damage. This can really affect how much you are able to sell the house for. How Stuff Works has this to say about how pets can adversely affect your sale:

If you want to ensure you get the highest final sale price, you’ll have to properly stage your home to create the illusion you are not a pet owner — or at least eliminate any signs that your animals were destructive. How? By fixing any major damage your pets caused that will catch the eyes (and noses) of potential buyers. In some cases, a quick fix will do. But larger problems may require more significant repairs — or may need to be replaced altogether.

Even if your house is in excellent condition, and you’ve done your best to keep it clean, owning pets could take up to $30,000 off of its value if potential buyers notice odors or other pet issues [source: Tuttle].

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30k is a lot of money to lose just because a potential buyer notices a smell of pets or urine in your house! So get rid of all of those odors and pet stains before even thinking about trying to sell your house. Now on to the last thing, which can be hard to do for a lot of pet owners –

Remove Your Pets When Trying To Sell Your House

Yes, removing your pets is the best thing you can do. This way you can clean the house and not have them make a mess right behind you. There are also legal reasons why you may want to relocate your pets when selling:

When selling a home with pets, at the very least, you should remove your them from your home when you are showing the property for sale. All the cute things your dog does will not help you sell your home, and will only remind the potential buyer that the house has contained pets previously.

Ideally you should have your real estate agent showing the home, preferably while you are away. Having a pet in the house or yard can create complications for your agent while trying to show the house, and puts your pet at risk of accidentally getting out during the process. There are also liability issues to deal with as well. While your dog or cat may be ultra friendly, it is certainly possible they can have a bad day just like you and I.

When you leave your pet home during showings you are asking for trouble especially if a buyer brings a young child and they are curious. The last thing you want is Fido taking a chunk out of a buyers child’s arm. Remember we live is a lawsuit happy society! You are taking a big risk when your pet is allowed to roam freely during showings.

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Your dog may have never bitten anyone before, but if you bring in a stranger your dog is probably going to be a little on edge. Add in a small child that may be a little to rough with the dog and before you know it you have a problem. Something else to mention that if you are not at home when your house is being shown and your pet is and it gets out – it can be hard for an agent to wrangle your pet, your pet may get lost or worse – injured.

Summing It Up

We all love our pets, but they can make it difficult when trying to sell your home. It is best that if it is possible for you to relocate them while the house is on the market, it will be best for your wallet as well as your pet. If you aren’t able to relocate them be sure and crate them or possibly put them in a doggy daycare on days when you are showing the property.

If you are in the Metro Atlanta area and are trying to sell your house fast and have pets – we love animals! We would love the opportunity to make you a fair, all cash offer for your property and we don’t mind if your pets are at home when we visit. In fact, we would like to meet them! You can learn more on our site at

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