Packing & Moving Tips When Selling Your House

When it comes time to sell your house one of the most important things is to clean and declutter for showings. You will have a much harder time trying to sell your house, either with or without an agent, if your house is dirty or cluttered. One of the best things you can do is to go ahead and pack some things away and store them to help give your house a more spacious feeling. But just how do you go about that? We are going to give you some good tips for packing and putting things away in this short article.

Packing Things Up

An important thing to remember when selling your house is that you want to de-personalize it as much as possible. Put away family photos and nick knacks so that a potential buyer can visualize their own belongings in the house. You do want to leave your furniture and properly stage the house to further help the buyer visualize the house as theirs.

When it comes to packing things up, a lot of people make things harder on themselves than it has to be. You want to be able to unpack in your new dwelling to go as smoothly as possible, as well as being able access things that are already packed just in case you need too.

The Denver Post gives some really good tips:

6. Don’t pack air

Many folks empty dressers and chests before they move. Don’t. This adds to packing time, and wastes usable truck space. Leave dressers full. If a chest is empty, fill it with linens, said Howell. You will also get less load shift. Likewise, don’t pack empty suitcases. Fill them.

7. Trash bags are treasure

Boxes are great because they stack, but so are sturdy trash bags, because they squish. Fill large trash bags with soft nonbreakables. They can be stuffed into trucks and morph into shapes that boxes can’t.

8. Hang ’em high

Don’t pack hanging clothes. Keep them on hangers and put them in the back of your car. flat. Then hang them back up in the new place.

9. Pad, stack, and pack

Don’t pack blankets or beach towels; use them as pads and save on boxes. Wrap and tape blankets around artwork and lamp bases. And stack and pack lampshades; they often take a beating in a move. Remove each shade; stack them small to large, then put them together in one box to ensure that they arrive intact.

10. Label on two sides.

Mark every box with its contents and destination (kitchen) on more than one side. Also note if contents are fragile. Though movers likely won’t care, you’ll know to go easy on them.

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Really good tips there. Some people may frown on using trash bags, but they do have a point about how they squish. This would be great for clothes that are out of season and can be stuffed in between things in storage. We also like their advice for using blankets and towels for wrapping things. Moving places, and truck rental services usually charge for extra blankets.

One word of caution though, some dressers are extremely large these days and if you leave them full of clothes, you will make it much more difficult to lift and maneuver into the truck and storage.

Putting Things In Storage

Have you had things in a storage unit before, need them and practically have to complete move everything out to find it? That’s a real pain! Houzz gives some excellent advice for making the most out of your storage unit :

  • Make sure clothing and other fabric items are clean.
  • Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
  • Put clothing in wardrobe boxes.
  • Put the heaviest stuff on the bottom of the unit and distribute weight evenly.
  • Put anything you need to access often at the front of your unit.
  • Leave a pathway to the back of the unit.
  • Elevate things off the floor.
  • Store mattresses, protected with a cover, upright along the side of the unit for short periods only; for long-term storage, keep them flat with nothing on top.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures with bubble wrap and store them upright along the side of the unit.
  • Disassemble weak or heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Cover furniture with sheets, not plastic, which could trap moisture.
  • Store sofas (except sofa beds) on an end to maximize space.
  • Clean refrigerators and freezers, drain water supply lines, vacuum coils, fill with other kitchen items and store with doors slightly ajar.

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There’s a lot more good information for you. We have to admit, some of those things we have never thought of, especially about covering furniture with sheets instead of plastic. That’s a really good tip, especially if your storage unit is not climate controlled.

Summing It Up

We don’t know anyone that likes to move. It can be a real headache. However, with some proper planning it can go a lot smoother. Important take aways are you need to de-personalize your home and put away as many things as you can. Not only will this make your home more appealing for potential buyers, but will also give you a head start when you do sell your house and it’s time to move.

Another thing to remember, here at Mandich Property Group, you can leave all of your belongings in the house and get an all cash offer from us. We have the ability to look past the clutter and see your properties true potential. Contact us anytime at 770 756-8680 for a hassle free sale of your property 🙂

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